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Should You Buy A New Ebike or Convert Your Current One?

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There are two ways you can own an electric bike: buy a new one, or convert your current ride using an ebike conversion kit. Both options have their own advantages and disadvantages. But if you’re stuck between two, this article is here to help you reach a clear conclusion.

Purchasing an Ebike

E-bikes have made great progress in the automotive industry in recent years. Because of the numerous benefits they provide, it’s no wonder that many people are considering owning one. These innovations are currently one of the most inventive out right now.
Purchasing a prebuilt, brand new electric bike brings forth a variety of perks. It features an integrated, efficient package that was built from the ground up. Customization is also available, and only minimal assembly is required.
Future upgradeability, on the other hand, is limited. You’ll almost always be stuck with the factory components. New models may have the essential parts of today’s mid-drive motors that may not suit tomorrow’s standards.
Another thing that needs to be addressed is the expenses. With a new ebike, the initial purchasing price can be rather high. It has a warranty, but when it eventually expires, you might want to save some extra bucks on the side as repairs can be costly.

Using an Ebike Conversion Kit

If buying an ebike outright isn’t for you, a conversion kit might be. An electric bike conversion kit is a sort of engine attached to one of your bicycle’s tires. A lithium-ion battery is used in this engine because it is more efficient than other types of batteries.
In general, a bike conversion kit will be less expensive than a factory-built ebike, mainly because you are only purchasing a component rather than the entire bike.
But even if you spend less upon going down this route, you should always consider factors that would give you the best deals possible. Only purchase from established brands, such as Swytch Bike, that are proven and tested to provide quality ebike kits to their customers.
The only major con of going with a kit is the fact that conversion needs a little bit of mechanical competence to complete. With these kits, prepare yourself for a lot of wires and parts to be attached.

Which Ebike kit Is for You?

While many find buying a new electric bike the easiest choice, others may favour converting their existing bicycles to electric. Ultimately, it is determined by your unique requirements, expectations, and interest. The first step would be to start searching for ebike kits online and if you still can find a suitable kit you can try an universal kit like the universal Swytchbike kit.